3 phrases that you need to speak every day

Each of us has moments when it seems that nothing will work out, that life has failed. Entrepreneur Daniel Milstein talks about three phrases that need to

be repeated to himself in order to continue to move forward, to success, no matter what.

You are the only architect of your fate. Do not forget to use this instrument by nature – inner voice. He will help to formulate an action plan, increase self -confidence, drown out the external voices of critics and skeptics, experience failures and learn from mistakes.

Think: whether your inner voice has joined the choir of doubts? If the answer is affirmative, you need to reprogram the thought processes. To do this, say three cherished phrases today and repeat every day.

1. Do it now

Expressing is like a quagmire. If you ignore her, she will drag out in a swamp of destructive indecision. We will find an excuse for justification and eventually say goodbye to the dream. If we always inspire ourselves that nothing is normal, we will not achieve anything. It is necessary to allow the inner voice to continuously motivate us and completely surrender to the dream.

The difference between “could” and “made” – in planning and action, so become your own coach and allow yourself to change. Do not accept the answer “no”, especially from yourself.

2. I deserve it

When I meet the one who lets his dreams leads or misses the possibilities of personal growth and improvement, I always ask: “Do you really not deserve the best?”If you are one of those who have abandoned the dream of success, you need to get off the beaten road and leave the comfort zone. Whatever you dream about, tell yourself that you deserve a brilliant future, invest in yourself, give yourself a maximum of possibilities.

Dreaming about changes in your career? Restore the university. Want to read Heine in the original? Will have to be engaged in German every day for several years. Do not try to compromise, if ultimately it prevents it from becoming happy.

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